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Protein Kinase Ontology (ProKinO)

The Protein Kinase Ontology (ProKinO) is an ontology and knowledge graph, which provides a controlled vocabulary of terms, their hierarchy, and relationships unifying sequence, structure, function, mutation and pathway information on kinases. The conceptual representation of such diverse information in one place enables not only rapid discovery of significant information related to a specific protein kinase, but also enables large scale integrative analysis of the protein kinase family.

ProKinO Browser

You can use this ontology browser to quickly query, navigate, and explore the knowledge graph including the sequence, structure, function, disease, pathway, and ligand information on kinases.


The Kinome Viewer (KinView) can be used as a comparative tool to identify differences and similarities in natural variation, cancer variants and post-translational modifications between kinase groups, families and subfamilies.


To download a version of the ontology, or an offline version of the KinView, you can visit the Downloads page.